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Your overall score has been used to compare your standing against 200+ other organisations who have participated in this survey. Your standing across all elements of procurement operating and for both the dimensions of Execution and Infrastructure is illustrated below.
Execution"How well is it put into practice"
Infrastructure"How good is the setup"
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Detailed assessment

The survey also provides a breakdown of your score in the five key groups of procurement operating model elements. These cover Strategy, Organisation and People, Core Capabilities and Enablers. Your standing as based on scores achieved in these areas is outlined below. 

  • Max
  • Average
  • Min
  • Score

Higher scores in the above dimensions imply:

Higher Strategy score:

  • Improved alignment with wider corporate objectives
  • Clarity on procurement role and mandate across the business
  • Procurement set up for real value delivery, not just cost management.
  • Closer engagement with business and operations
  • Digital strategy to enable more data-driven decision making

Higher Organisation & People score:

  • A future fit organisational and people set up
  • Improved staff development and retention
  • Flexibility to deal with peaks and troughs of activity
  • Better engagement with business
  • Culture of development through self-learning and differentiated training approaches

Higher Core Capabilities’ score:

  • Increased value delivery from more efficient and effective category management, sourcing and supplier management
  • Improved transparency around metrics and measurement to track function performance
  • Improved embedding of change and early engagement with business
  • Improved compliance and risk mitigation
  • Enhanced core capabilities through the right use of internal and external resources

Higher Enablers’ score:

  • Effective and efficient enabling of teams and processes
  • Faster and more efficient delivery of procurement operations
  • Improved visibility and transparency of spend, initiatives and performance
  • More focus on strategic initiatives through efficient transactional activities
  • Effective knowledge platform of curated content in place
  • Ready access to specific expertise for complex / high value tasks

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Efficio helps organisations deliver higher procurement savings and prevent savings erosion to drive increased measurable value from an optimised and future-fit procurement operating model. 

By assessing an organisation’s existing procurement setup across all dimensions, defining a set of key design principles and drawing up the future state, we work to co-create a robust and leading practice procurement operating model.

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Workshop: Developing a ‘future-proof’ target operating model

Workshop: Developing a ‘future-proof’ target operating model


These interactive workshops, developed exclusively for senior procurement professionals, will look at critical aspects of the wider procurement operating model and deliver Efficio’s practical advice on taking the first steps in setting up a procurement operating model for success.

Is your procurement operating model future-fit?

Is your procurement operating model future-fit?


A robust and fit-for-purpose procurement operating model is crucial to delivering sustained commercial value for any organisation. What do you need to consider to progress to an optimal procurement operating model?

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Survey: The Human Factor: Strategic Procurement and the leaders of tomorrow

Survey: The Human Factor: Strategic Procurement and the leaders of tomorrow


How prepared is your business to attract, retain and nurture the modern-day procurement professional as well as part of the overall effort of optimising your procurement operating model?

We surveyed over 500 procurement leaders globally to find out.

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CPO panel debate videos

CPO panel debate videos


At the launch event of our recent survey, ‘The Human Factor: Strategic procurement and the leaders of tomorrow’ we asked our panellists a number of questions around the future CPO, skills required, training and how procurement should be measured. Watch the videos to listen to their responses.

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Efficio eFlow

Efficio eFlow

A new approach to procurement optimisation is evolving where capacity and capability is accessed ‘on demand’. Have you considered what you need to retain and what can be best done outside of your internal setup for procurement?

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